You know your Saturday night was a good one when you’re still recuperating from it the next day at 2:30 in the afternoon…  And I don’t mean hang-over recuperating, I mean staying out till the wee hours partying on the streets of Paris so now I feel the need to take a nap every hour and a half recuperating!


Last night was Nuit Blanche in Paris, a night when almost every corner of the city stays open all night and is overflowing with art installations in the most random of places!  Everything is free, everything is fun, and almost everyone is drunk or smoking weed, haha.  It’s definitely an experience.



Before we headed out on our worldly adventures, however, Andrew and I went over to Frenchie’s apartment in a suburb of Paris to experience our first oven cooked meal since we moved (zucchini-cheese quiche, salad, and banana chocolate chip muffins!) and enjoy the saturday morning session of General Conference.  And if you’re wondering what time it was when we watched, it wasn’t until 6 at night that it aired live here!  Needless to say, we saved the afternoon session for this morning, will watch the Sunday morning session at the same time tonight, and then will save the Saturday afternoon session until next weekend…



Shout-out to my parental units who mailed us a package with new clothes for The Husband (his suitcase is officially lost) and a new camera charger so we have a point-and-shoot until our birthdays!


Sitting on the couch waiting for Conference to start!  And actually stuffed with French tasty goodness.  If a frenchie ever offers to cook you a meal, say yes no matter what else you have planned.  You’ll only regret it later because you’ll have a stomach ache from eating so much goodness…

Around 9 we headed back into the city to meet up with some of Frenchie’s other American friends (that girl flocks to Americans like Americans flock to North Face…) and head out on our Nuit Blanche adventure!

Now, other people were definitely more adventurous than us, but The Husband and I read through the whole 41 page guide of events going on and picked out our top 10 to see, but only ended up seeing four of them.  Definitely worth it though!  We spent most of the night simply wandering around and enjoying Paris at night as this was The Husband’s first Nuit Blanche!


The Husband and Frenchie waiting for everyone else to meet us! It was a tad bit rainy out all night, so at the beginning we were all diligent about keeping dry, but by the end no one cared anymore cause we were all having so much fun!

Suffice it to say that we dragged everyone that we had just met over to the Centre Pompidou to hear part of a concert by German trio Brandt Brauer Frick.  Seriously love them.  They do this crazy mixture of Detroit House, tribal, classical, and jazz that magically comes out awesome.  Add to that the fact that they were hanging out on the side of the Centre Pompidou (of which the architectural vibe totally went with that of the music) and that they had a huge amount of amps set up for the square behind the Centre, and we were in love.


Brandt Brauer Frick rocking out on the side of the Centre Pompidou.  We would have stayed there for the whole thing if we didn’t have other people with us!

After leaving the concert, we wandered around Ile de la cité and Ile Saint-Louis, walking past Notre Dame, some awesome Zelda street art that is now hanging up on our wall (just a picture of it, haha.  The Husband may be a tiny bit obsessed) and one of the instillations that I wanted to see but wasn’t exciting to anyone else about words that are now gauche in the French language, before we came to our next destination, the association of bakers and pastry-chefs.  While the little museum they had set up was pretty cool to walk through, and it was cool to see the bakers making croissants, baguette, and brioche right in front of us, the real reason we came was for the free food!  As we were exiting we each received a little goodie back with a mini-croissant, mini-baguette, and mini-brioche that were still hot from the oven!DSCN4923

The Husband with his croissant in front of the men making the goodies for everyone — guess who now wants to go to boulangerie school and learn how to make all these?!?

Our walk back to the Hôtel de Ville metro stop was gorgeous, as always, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the Seine, Ile de la cité, and Hôtel de Ville as we crossed a bridge.  I guess I can now cross off eat a hot croissant while walking along the Seine at night from my bucket list!DSCN4925

Not the greatest since its just a point and shoot, but I am constantly impressed with Nikon camera quality, even the cheap ones!

For our last stop of the night we took the metro over to the Grand Palais in hopes of seeing a Bohemian Rhapsody/Queen tribute exhibit, but unfortunately we arrived there about 20 minutes before they were letting the last person in and the line was too long for us to make it through.  Good thing Paris is awesomely beautiful so we were able to just walk around the area and just have fun!
Even though I walk past this exact spot on my way to class every day, (yeah….  my walk to school is gorgeous…  I’ll have to photo document it some day…) I couldn’t resist stopping on the pont Alexandre III to take some night photos of the Eiffel Tower.  Added bonus?  The pyrotechnics boat went past while we were there, allowing us to see a flaming show!  And yes, that was one of the art installations as well.  Who doesn’t love some good flaming balls?
Even though three of these pictures are basically the same, I couldn’t resist putting them all up cause I’m just nerdy like that.


DSCN4936 DSCN4937 DSCN4941 DSCN4943

Being the party poopers that we were, The Husband and I went home early and got in around around 1:30 in the morning…  But we were too excited to fall asleep for a while, haha, so we put up our polaroids and talked until about 3.  Then we woke up early this morning, hence the needing to take naps all day today!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any naked people in art galleries (seriously.  My professor told me about his experience seeing an instillation at a nuit blanche a few years ago that was simply people pretending they were at an art gallery, but they were all completely in the buff with their wine glasses!), but I still think our Nuit Blanche was pretty awesome!  Heres hoping that we get to see some nudies next year!


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