Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever wondered what the Zombie Apocalypse will look like? 

Question. Answered.



Yes, one of the Zombies did have a Les Mis flag…  Epic (literally a flag that said “Les Mis” on it)


Attacking people stuck in their car by the flood of zombies.DSCN4982 DSCN4984 DSCN4991 DSCN4997 DSCN5002

And we thought we were safe in behind the fence…  He proved that wrong.

In case you were wondering, zombies in Paris are just as un-fashionable as zombies elsewhere.  I guess they don’t care too much about fashion…

Also, apparently all zombies speak English when asking for brains, no matter what their native language is.  Interesting

Gotta love a Saturday afternoon in Paris.
Oh, and by the way, if there’s a Zombie Apocalypse any time soon you’ll find The Husband casually trying to figure out this swing in a park instead of running for the hills.


P.S.  Good news!  Our new camera is on its way from the U.S. so I can ditch the crappy point-and-shoot photos!

P.P.S.  Bad news — said camera is currently stuck in customs.  Apparently we need to provide receipts so they can know what outrageous amount of money to charge us so we can pick up our camera.  Customs = Sucky.


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