Obama Fashion Hair.


To celebrate the beginning of The Husband’s week long vacances, we headed to one of my favorite areas in Paris yesterday, Château Rouge, under the guise of getting some dried black beans.  I say guise because I love this area so much that I’m writing my thesis about it, so really this was a research based trip, but I couldn’t get The Husband to accompany me if I told him that, now could I?


Château Rouge is great for a variety of reasons (um, the markets.  Visit them.), but here are 4 of them!


The doors! I love love love the doors here more than anywhere else. Don’t ask me why, cause I don’t have an answer…


The awesome street art (that’s really attached to a bar?). Have I mentioned lately how much I love street art?


Okay, so maybe it’s really only three reasons why I love Château Rouge… I love the doors twice I guess?


Obama fashion hair. That is all.

And now, back to watching Adele videos on youtube whilst making pancakes — brinner for the second time this weekend?  I think yes!


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