Lets talk about why my life has been so great lately.

1. Sunday morning, I got all sexified for church. Seriously, red lipstick, Audrey Hepburn hair, lbd, the whole nine yards. Then, I got on the metro and found out that {seriously} every.other.person was going to run a marathon. Imagine a metro in Paris full of men and women in running clothes (including a lot of extremely short, extremely tight shorts on older men….) and then me, rocking the red lipstick amongst them. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing like a crazy person.

2. In continuation of above story, now picture in your head the man who got on the metro at the Tuileries stop. (For those of you who don’t know, it’s fashion week here right now– yay!) Tall, skinny, asian, wearing a skinned Bigfoot on his back. I kid you not, this man was wearing a mid-calf black hair coat (not to be confused with fur) that looked like bigfoot. Cue more laughter. I would have creeped a picture if only he wasn’t sitting right next to me and watching my every move…

3. We got back from church on Sunday only to find our power out. Holy cold, Batman. We frantically had to call our landlord, then call our electricity providers, and wait for an electrician to come replace our breaker box that was broken. Good thing we had two computers and an ipad to run the batteries down on while we snuggled in bed….

4. Speaking of electricians, one of the hazards of having your breaker box in the closet is that every time one of them comes, they sort through your clothes while doing there work. I have now had my bras and underwear pawed through twice in the past two weeks by two different electricians. Good thing they’re all relatively sexy so they don’t think I’m an old maid or anything….

5. The Husband and I lived off a diet of popcorn, baguette, and Bonne Maman this past weekend. My three favorite foods, all together in my belly? Just call me the happiest person ever.

And now you know. Here’s an photo circa 2009 to make you all feel like you got something worthwhile out of this post.


The End.


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