Real Paris.

The other day while The Husband and I were out for a walk I notcied these Haussmanian buildings close to our place, with the tippity top of the Eiffel Tower peeking over the buildings all the way on the right:


As we continued along our merry way, we drew up to one of the buildings featured in the above photo, and were greeted with this work of art on the bottom level.


The juxtaposition of old vs. new in Paris has to be one of my favorite parts of the city — I love a nice classic French building, but I love it even more if it houses a modern work of art like this one!

I’ve heard that theres a couple of companies here that do great graffiti tours of Paris —  I’ve been recommended the street art tour done by these people.  Here’s hoping The Husband and I find money (and time) to go one of these days!  Any one want to hit up some urban art with us?

  1. Loving this graffiti art and these photos. My husband occasionally does graffiti as commissioned pieces and I love seeing the flow of his art. Great photos. Paris looks lovely and real as it should. Thanks for sharing! Xo, Marilyn at

    • katherinecurrent said:

      Thats awesome! I love graffiti and would love to some day be able to make such works of art!

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