Le Crypte archéologique de Notre Dame

Saturday brought The Husband and I to the Archeological Crypts of Notre Dame with some friends from Chicago.  Don’t know what those are?  Neither did we…

Contrary to what the name implies (Crypt to me is immediately associated with bodies), these are the remains of the old Lutèce, the original name for the Gallo-Roman city from which Paris sprung.  If you ever have a chance to read up on your French history, do it!  It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do in free time, and these Crypts were great for giving an overview of the history of Paris, from Gallo-Roman town, to the birth of Notre Dame.  There were also interactive screens where you can watch the progressive construction of Notre Dame.

DSC_0844 DSC_0846 DSC_0852 DSC_0857 DSC_0860 DSC_0862

History buff or not, this stuff is pretty cool!  I’ve always liked the sous-sol section of the Louvre where you can read about the original purpose of the building and see some of the medieval walls, so this was right up my alley!


It’s crazy to think that Paris is just built layer upon layer.  I bet these stones could tell some crazy stories if they could talk!

  1. Blair said:

    This was one of my absolute favorite things I did last time! I love old dead stuff that is underground.

    • katherinecurrent said:

      Bwahahaha. I love that statement. You didn’t do the Catacombs, right? Cause they were flooded if I remember right? At least when I went every time they were flooded.. If you didnt do them you should this summer! Thats lots of dead stuff underground.

  2. Blair said:

    Flooded. With my tears of sadness at their being closed. Don’t worry. The massive amount of dead stuff underground that is the catacombs is my first stop in Paris.

    • katherinecurrent said:

      Well… I hope its not your first. You should buy a baguette magique as your first stop here! I seem to remember you really loving the last one…

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