We spent most of our Saturday morning in Germany walking around {inadvertently}.  See, everyone {ever} was telling us about this magnificent grocery store that was just right over there, and everything there happened to be a million-kajillion times cheaper than anything in Paris!  Of course The Husband and I wanted to check that out and get some killer chocolate and Haribo.

One problem.  Apparently we’re really dumb, and walked around for an hour and a half without finding the store.  Keep in mind that this is in basically the tiniest town ever.  In Germany.  Where everyone speaks German.  And we don’t.

Lets just say we scared a few German teenagers asking for directions before we finally gave up.  Apparently we’re that creepy looking….

Eventually we found it, but not before we got to enjoy a nice walk around a beautiful town!

And bretzels.  Don’t forget the bretzels.  We love bretzels.

DSC_1075 DSC_1076


DSC_1124 DSC_1129 DSC_1131

DSC_1139 DSC_1142 DSC_1147


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