Life as of Late.

Lately life has been the teensiest crazy with school, work, home life, and exploration.  Finals week is {finally} over — now I just have this tiny thing called a thesis left to write….  I’ve been working extra long hours this week to prepare for my family coming in on Thursday morning, hence the no excursions anywhere ever — luckily we have tourists coming into town so we’ll be doing tons of fun things in the upcoming week!

Until then, heres some comings and goings that have happened recently (okay, so the first two are from Germany, but all the rest are from the past three days!).  Now I have to get back to slightly freaking out over the fact that all the work that I’ve done over the last three weeks on my thesis is now corrupted and inaccessible because of my computer.  So much for those first 20 pages I had written…  Anyone good with computers and know how to help a girl out?

DSC_1169 DSC_1173 DSCN5128 DSCN5142 DSCN5143 DSCN5144 DSCN5162 Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 8.04.01 PM

The new Daft Punk album?  Soundtrack of my life at the moment.  I may have already listened to it three times today to make work more exciting!



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