The best part of the Château de Versailles definitely has to be the gardens.  Because the weather was so back and forth in the rain department, we decided that we didn’t want to spend the extra almost 40 euro to get us into the pay gardens when we knew the free ones are just as beautiful and often less crowded since most tourists are unaware that they exist.  We like to picnic in one specific area, so we took this opportunity to explore the rest of the gardens, specifically the ones with the animals and farmland that go along with the Petit Trianon.  As soon as we got in, The Father Unit decided that he had had enough and sat down on a bench to people watch for the duration of our walk, but our time there was beautiful all the same!  I didn’t take nearly enough pictures since we were enjoying talking far too much (that happens when you haven’t seen your family in person for nearly a year), but heres a sampling of what I did take!

DSC_1395 DSC_1408 DSC_1409 DSC_1412 DSC_1413 DSC_1415


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