Fontainebleau: Château


The Husband and I have been feeling the need to get out of Paris and spend some time elsewhere on a more regular basis lately, hence our goal to visit one town in the Ile-de-France region each weekend.  Lucky for us, with our métro passes we are able to travel anywhere in the region for free on weekends, so this past one we headed South of the city to Fountainebleau.  

Although I'd been to the château before, it had been almost 4 years.  And when I had gone I hadn't even had the chance to visit the gardens!  It's hard to believe that I forgot the enormity of this baby, but as soon as we got off the bus I was struck with the thought "Versailles looks dinky next to this guy."  

We spent the day wandering around the gardens, but before I do a post on that (guys, I took over 400 photos in one day its that beautiful.  So sorry, you'll have to bear through a few posts on this guy) I wanted to give you guys an idea of how beautiful this château really is.  


My advice?  If its peak tourist season, hit Fontainebleau up rather than Versailles.  Just as impressive without the bulk of the tourists.  We were all alone in most of the gardens.  Definitely a rocking place to have a picnic.Fontainebleau





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