Around Town

These past two weeks have been absolute mayhem — I’ve taken the GRE again (and totally DOMINATED!), lectured at my first college-level course, had job interviews, legality problems, appointments at the police station — you get the point.  Anyways, between all of these considerably less fun things (and writing a thesis…  Can’t forget about that, haha) we’ve found the time to do a bit of exploring around Paris, as well as planning some fun upcoming trips.  The favorite day so far?  Definitely when we explored the carnival at the Tuileries, followed by a walk to the Madeleine.

L'Opéra Garnier
Les Tuileries

Les Tuileries

La Madeleine

  1. Meagen said:

    You dominated the GRE? THAT’S AWESOME! I’m so proud! My little roommate is *sniff* growing up.

    • katherinecurrent said:

      Haha, thanks Meagen! And whatever, you’re the growing up one! You’re gonna be a mom! Thats amazing!

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