Le 14 juillet, sunset concert

As the sun started to set, the crowds came to the Champ de Mars en masse.  Those crowds included two of my favorite memories from the experience: a group of Americans directly in front of us, and four teenage French boys to the right of us.

First, the Americans.  We heard them speaking English as they came to sit down, and I was insanely excited about it.  I LOVE FINDING AMERICANS IN PARIS!  I make a point to always introduce myself on the metro and ask for someones story if I hear them speaking English.  Anyways, this group of about 15 sat down and started pulling out the ultimate American feast.  Ribs, chicken wings, bratwurst, potato salad, macaroni salad, cheesecake, oreos, and lays with dip!  Now, if you’ve ever spent any time in France, you’ll know that none of these except for oreos are exactly easy to find.  To be honest, we were probably creeping them out with how hard core we were drooling over their food.  Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been away from your homeland for a year…  Fast forward a few hours (which we spent speculating where exactly they had gotten all this American goodness from, since it was clearly in grocery store packaging) and the group started cracking jokes about flight attendants and pilots.  Cue us noticing that they were all sitting on Delta blankets.  The light bulb turned on.  They were pilots and flight attendants who had set up their day off so they could spend it in France for the 14th under the Eiffel Tower!  Not only were they that cool, but they had gone to Publix grocery store before leaving the states, bought all their picnic food, stuffed it in the fridge on the plane, and then made it through customs!  How brilliant is that?  I now aspire to be these people.  I also tried to convince The Husband to take a photo with a publix chicken wing in front of the Eiffel Tower (a. I’m sure the group would have let him borrow one for a photo. b. his family loves chicken wings.  Possibly more than they love him….).  He didn’t go for it…

The French teens were another story…  They showed up, lay down, and immediately began doing suspicious rolling in their backpacks…  Then pulled out (seriously) the biggest joint ever and started smoking it like it was no biggie.  This continued for the whole 9 hours of them sitting next to us.  Needless to say, we were all exceptionally hungry by the end of the night from the large amounts of second hand smoke we had consumed (they were definitely not the only ones taking advantage of the night so to speak…).  The funniest part, though, is that they kept on asking the Americans in front of us if they could try their food, and the Americans kept on sharing!  Psh, if we had gotten food all the way from the states there’s no way we would have shared with a group of stoned teens!

Now imagine both these stories set to the backdrop of a classical music concert and there you have our evening.  Fun, huh?

14 juillet 2013
14 juillet 2013
14 juillet 2013

14 juillet 2013


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