I’ve been absent lately, but not without good reason.  Over the past month, I have written over 100 pages of my thesis in order to finish it, and am now in the process of editing — down to my last 15 pages.  All this so in preparation for vacation time, starting tomorrow in England!  So, it’s not that I don’t have plenty to blog about, because trust me, I do (including the Tour de France that we went to over a month ago!), its just that I have been far too busy with every waking moment of my life working on a thesis as well as visa problems.  Lucky for you, my brain is mush and I needed a 5 minute break so I decided to share this video that The Husband put together of how we’ve been getting around Paris this past month.  Lucky us, our friends went out of town for a month and left their Vespa with us!  Unfortunately we had to return it this morning after I went to get my new titre de séjour, but we’ll always have the memories!


Stay tuned for a lot of catching up and our trip to England as soon as I finish up these last 15 pages!


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