Tour de France

I guess I’m back from my unintentional blogging break — what with finishing up the Thesis, going to England, spending a day at Disney, and then a surprise trip to the States (that we just got back from yesterday!)  keeping friends and family updated kind of went to the back burner, especially since we were visiting the family!  Although I missed blogging, I can’t say I really regret taking a hiatus — some things in life are more important than spending time posting pictures and stories on the internet, especially since that can always be done after the fact!

Back to blogging however — this will show you how shamefully behind I am on updating our life…  In July, The Husband and I spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon picnicking on the Seine with some friends, followed by a short stop over at the Tour de France and then an early bedtime.  I say early because I was not allowed to stay and watch the whole Tour!  We saw about three of the loops around the Arc de Triomphe, as we were situated on the Champs-Elysées, however, The Husband made us go home after that — something about staying out till 3 in the morning the Sunday prior as a result of me making him watch fireworks for the 14th?

Although we only saw three turns around, it was still a really cool experience — its incredible to think that these riders have basically devoted their lives to this sport, and that they spent their whole summer just riding a bike every day.  We figured that even the guys who come in last have something to be proud of —  I don’t know how to ride a bike, so kudos to them for being able to do such sustained bike riding under such rigorous circumstances!  Don’t tell The Husband, but if we’re still around these parts this time next year, I’m making him stay for the whole thing!








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