La Défense

We’ve recently made some new friends– The Loggers, that have been kind enough to take multiple vacations with us (Germany, England), as well as hanging out with us on a fairly regular basis.  Lucky for us, not only do they put up with our shenanigans, they also have a drop dead amazing view from their apartment.  Behold, the view that I wish I had most nights around sunset (rather than our rather sad view of three trashcans, a dying plant, and a recycling bin).  Oh, the glory of living on the top floor in France, where all buildings are short!




If you guys have never been to Paris– definitely check out La Défense, the area over which this apartment looks.  Not only are the sunsets over this part of town (well, not really part of town since its not in Paris…) breathtaking, this is the modern part of the city, meaning that there are not only some really cool buildings and sculptures, but if you’re from a big American city like me (shout out to CHICAGO!!!!!), you’ll feel a little more at home in this part of the city than you do in the rest of Hausmannian Paris.


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