London, The End.

As all good things in life, London had to come to an end all too quickly (understandable, since we only had a day in the city itself).  After having a jam session with one of his British music buddies, The Husband met back up with us so we could visit Buckingham Palace and Picadilly Circus.  How i wish we could have seen a show while we were there (The Husband still has never seen a musical!), but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  Instead, we finished off our night by heading to the Hard Rock London — first of all, because the Loggers go to a Hardrock in every city they visit, and second of all, because we like to support The Husbands older sister, Jayn, who works as an accountant for the Seminole tribe.  We like to think that our meals that night helped pay a fraction of her salary :).

Looking back on this trip I can’t help but think it was incredible that we didn’t end up in Wales or something.  With no GPS, a French car, and no idea of where we were driving, we did surprisingly well, with only a few wrong-side-of-the-road mishaps.  Whoops!  What are crazy Americans good for if not scaring the locals when we go on vacation?

 England 2013
England 2013
England 2013
England 2013

And for anyone wondering about the conclusion to the plumbing story from last post, we were right in being worried — the “plumbers” actually broke two more things in our bathroom, meaning that we are now the recipients of a new toilet that will be coming our way this Wednesday.  Needless to say, life with a broken toilet is ….interesting….

  1. Kelly said:

    Ooh, I absolutely adore London!

    • katherinecurrent said:

      So do I! It definitely one of my top favorite places in Europe. I don’t think I would have any problem moving there some day….

  2. I would love nothing more than to visit Landon and see the sights. Have a blast for me please.

    • katherinecurrent said:

      Oh, we did! It was beautiful — I highly recommend it, but I recommend Paris even more!

  3. Sydney said:

    Your photos are gorgeous! I’ve never been to London, but it’s on my bucket list. When we went to Ireland when I was in high school, my dad drove the rental car (which was a manual), and we ended up coming back sans 2 hubcaps! Driving in foreign lands can definitely be tricky, but it’s all part of the adventure!

    • katherinecurrent said:

      Ha, thats great! Lucky for us we didn’t have any accidents or lose any hubcaps, just got scared and screamed a lot!

  4. Hi, I found my way to your blog through The Cricket Project, and I am so happy that you had left a comment right before me so that I could check out your blog. I just returned recently from a trip to Germany and Switzerland, and I love taking photographs of new places. I really enjoyed your photos of London. It has been many years since I visited there, and it was fun to read about your experience and really see it through the lens of your camera.

    • katherinecurrent said:

      Thanks for the nice comment :). Europe is amazingly beautiful, especially Germany and Switzerland — I’ll have to pop over to your blog when I get a minute and check out what you did! We’re always looking for things to do if we end up popping over to either of those places.

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