I secretly love when we have visitors in town.  Theres something nice about being able to let everything else drop to the side for the moment and living in a way where a. you see tons of beautiful things and b. you come home drop dead tired at the end of every day and are totally and completely willing/able to zonk out by 10 PM and sleep till 8 the next morning.

Sometimes I wish I could be a tourist all the time, then I realize how much I enjoy the other things in life — school, studying, working, wandering aimlessly, and most of all, taking in my city how I want to see it, not how others think I need to see it to gain the best possible experience.

The week before Christmas one of The Husband’s friends hopped over the pond to spend a few days sleeping in our tiny studio with us (on the floor, of course) and taking in Paris for his first time.  Lucky for me, Nontendo was pretty chill and allowed me to show him Paris how I wanted to.  I love when that happens!  He also kept The Husband busy making music till the wee hours of the morning each day, something which they both sorely enjoyed!

Thanks for coming to visit, Nontendo!  Come back again soon!


Isn’t it great when its still warm enough in December to have picnics?


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