Recently one of my best friends from college came to visit — MK.  MK is one of the kindest, happiest, most amazing girls out there, and I’m lucky to count her as a friend.  I can’t even explain my excitement when she told me she was coming.

You see, as magical as living in Paris is, sometimes it gets lonely.  Being far away from all of your family and friends is hard, as well as not having lots of time to socialize and make new friends because of school and work.  Luckily for me, I have really awesome friends that have been great about staying in touch with me through the internet, but sometimes it just isn’t the same as having someone physically there for you.

The last time MK and I were together before last week was the day The Husband and I got married — she was my only friend from college to fly half way across the country to the wedding (understandably), and she even brought on a picture of our other friend, Cougar, so that we could have pictures of the three of us on my wedding day.

Thank you, MK for coming to visit and reminding me what it is like to have a friend in person there for you — someone you can touch, talk to while walking around the city and taking the metro, take actual photos with, eat too much galette with, drive for hours with, the list goes on.

Like any good tourists, we started out MK’s trip with a bang — a scooter ride from our place, around the Arc de Triomphe, then around the Eiffel Tower and back to the Champs-Élysées where we shopped our hearts away for a few hours while taking in the last of the Christmas decorations.  We love Paris!


Oh, and don’t forget the pastries… SO MUCH GOODNESS. And the trips to Picard...

  1. Court said:

    Love you both. This looks like heaven.

    • katherinecurrent said:

      Haha, love you too! It would only be more heavenlike if we got to see each other again someday….

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