Katherine and Andrew met in a French class at Brigham Young University and immediately became best friends (it was because of Katherine’s cheetah print tights.  Really!).  With Katherine spending the summer in Paris and Chicago, Andrew wrote to her every day and soon realized that he really liked her.

Upon Katherine’s return to Utah, they started dating, then stopped, then secretly started, then secretly stopped, then officially started, officially got engaged, and officially got married.  Even when they weren’t dating they were still inseparable (probably because Katherine loves to bake and Andrew loves to eat…)

They’ve been married for three years now and are loving life as it comes to them.

Andrew and Katherine recently moved from Paris, France to Chicago, IL.  Though they miss their life in Paris on a daily basis, they understand that sometimes you just have to go with the flow, even it it takes you away from a place that you love so much.  Being re-united with their furniture that was in storage while they lived in France certainly softens the blow, as does their recent upgrade from a Parisian studio to a Chicago one bedroom.  And yes, Katherine got her wish of a separate kitchen that she doesn’t have to look at from bed.

To get in contact with Katherine, e-mail her at katherine.miller1030(at)gmail.com

And if you really want to stalk her sufficiently, her old blog is located here.  Happy stalking!



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